What we love to do

Our mission at The Hire Co. is to make your life easy... well when it comes to events anyway! We have a variety of services on offer depending on your needs and we're happy to be as involved in your event as you want us to be! Here's a breakdown of what we love to do.


Hiring from The Hire Co. is easy peasy! Simply jump online, place your hire order, come by and pick it up then pop back in and drop it off. Simple right?


If you've placed your hire order but you just don't have time to come and pick it up or drop it back off, never fear... we're here to help! A drop off and pick up service is available. This also applies to dropping off and picking up from your venue. 


Oh, we do love a good set up! If you've placed your hire order and you have all your ideas down pat but no one to execute them for you, let us know and we'll bump in for you! We'll deliver your hired items to your venue and set up for you, all you'll need to do is come by and drop them back off once you're done... unless you'd like us to do that too?


If you want the full sha-bang let's chat over coffee! We can talk about every step from inspiration to execution. We'll have a play with colours, fabrics and props... I'm excited already!