Forest Green Colour Story

Forest Green Colour Story

one story, three moods

Forest green is a beautiful, rich shade of green which (as its name suggests) reseembles the trees and plants found in the forest. It is said to have the same calming attributes as blue while incorporating some of the energy of yellow. It may not be an immediately colour choice for weddings, engagements or birthdays but we hope we can change that and show you just how elegant and sophisticated a forest green colour palette can be. We have taken this colour story and worked it three different ways to create three different moods, each with a different amount of forest green. Our hero piece is our forest green textured cone vase which comes in short and tall.

Mood One / Shades of Green

Our first mood is heavily dominated by forest green and different tints and shades of it. There is also a touch of dove green to soften the look. It is a monochromatic look with different shades of green coming through each element of this setting from the vases and vessels, to the plates as well as the napkins and candles. The different shades will create depth and layers which will stop the look from becoming 'boring'. 

The Decor

i. Texture Cone Vase Forest Green  / ii. Cloud Vase Dove Grey / iii. Stone Dinner Plate Sage / iv. Linen Social Napkins Forest Green / v. Candle Emerald Green

Mood Two / 

The Decor

i. Texture Cone Vase Forest Green / ii. Texture Trio Vase Clay / iii. Modern Cutlery Gold / iv. Linen Social Napkins Wheat Biscuit / v. Candle Latte

Mood Three / 

The Decor

i. Texture Cone Vase Forest Green / ii. Stone Piece / iii. Stacked Bud Vase Low White / iv. Linen Social Napkins Dune White / v. Candle White

We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment telling us your favourite look and why. 

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