Terracotta Colour Story

Terracotta Colour Story

one story, three moods

Rust, terracotta, clay or brown - whatever you like to refer to this colour as, it's here, it's wonderful and we have some new decor to celebrate it that we're super excited about! There are so many ways you can incorporate terracotta into your setting, whether it be through the florals, the decor, the linen or the candles. You can pair it back with like colours such as amber and rose gold for a tonal approach or with contrasting colours like black for a bolder, more defined look.

We thought we'd have some fun and show you three different ways you can use the same colour story but incorporate as much or as little terracotta as you like.

Mood One / Terracotta, Amber + Neutral Tones

In this mood terracotta is front and centre. It is the main colour within the palette with accents of amber, rose gold and ecru all working together to make this a very warm colour story. Think Moroccan streets with houses made of clay and the desert plain as the sun beams down. 

In this story the the terracotta, amber and rose gold are seen across all elements of the setting by using our clay textured vases, amber glass vases and rose gold cutlery. The ecru is used in the napkins to soften the palette and the sage and black along with the rest of the palette will come through in the florals and foliage. The terracotta tones will also be carried through in the candles but if you want a slightly toned town look you can also introduce ivory candles to again soften the palette.

The Decor

i. Texture Trio Vase Clay / ii. Linea Vase Amber / iii. Modern Cutlery Rose Gold / iv. Linen Social Napkins Wheat Biscuit / v. Candle Baked Clay

Mood Two / Terracotta, Sage + Ecru

Mood two has a very different, much cooler feel to it. The sage is the main colour here with the ecru being used as the secondary colour and terracotta only popping up as a highlight in the florals and vases. This contemporary colour scheme can be found within interior design and homewares which we'll pay homage to by incorporating our sage stone dinner plates.

The Decor

i. Texture Trio Vase Clay / ii. Stone Dinner Plate Sage / iii. Dipped Cutlery White Gold / iv. Linen Social Napkins Wheat Biscuit / v. Candle Sage

Mood Three / Terracotta + Black

We have gone for a bolder more defined look in mood three. It is evident that there are two main colours within this look, terracotta and black. These two colours are used across the main elements within this setting - the vases, cutlery, linen and candles. The other colours within this story - the sage, ecru and latte will only be picked up through within the floral design. This statement look would have to be our favourite!

The Decor

i. Texture Trio Vase Clay / ii. Stacked Bud Vase Low Black / iii. Modern Cutlery Matte Black / iv. Linen Social Napkins Terracotta / v. Candle Black

We would love to hear from you! Leave us a comment telling us your favourite look and why. 

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