Why We Love Ourselves a Winter Wedding

Why We Love Ourselves a Winter Wedding

Have you been considering a winter wedding or maybe the COVID-19 restrictions have forced you to postpone your big day resulting in your new wedding date falling within the winter months? Or do you simply just need some winter wedding inspiration?

Yes, it’s true, with winter comes cooler weather and shorter days but they aren’t reasons to dismiss a winter wedding. We’ve done the work for you and complied a list of the pros and cons of a winter wedding and let me assure you the pros far out way the cons!

Here are our top 5 reasons why we love ourselves a winter wedding. 

1. Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses 

First and foremost, sleeves! I haven’t met a long-sleeved wedding dress I haven’t liked. The elegance, the sophistication and not to mention the practicality of long sleeved wedding dresses make them so appealing, everybody wants to get married in one. How many summer brides have you seen trying to pull off a long-sleeved gown on a 30° day while they're secretly praying for the cool change to come and bring them some relief… that won’t be you!

Sleeves are a statement so don't be afraid to have fun with them.

2. Cosy Venues

Straight out, we are partial to a winery wedding. Having gotten married at Zonzo Estate myself I can’t go past the warmth, the aromas, the textural elements and not to mention the views that wineries have to offer. Most wineries will even light the fireplace or fire pit for you if you ask nicely. Imagine gathering around that! #heaven.

Your venue doesn’t have to be a winery to be cosy. There are many inner-city venues that can be transformed to give off a similar vibe.

Not only does winter bring out the beauty of a venue but it brings with it nice hearty meals, comfort food, red (mulled) wine and toasted marshmallows. Our appetites generally increase during the winter months which means we’ll be able to fit more of that goodness in!

3. Unique Photo Opportunities

Your photographer may need to have a wet weather plan in place but the softer lighting and the need to get creative means you'll have some unique photos to cherish that could have only been taken during winter. Think accessorising with throws and jackets, an early golden hour, indoor shots while the rain comes down through the window and snuggling under a blanket by the fire. 

4. Better Prices & Vendor Availability

As much as we are all for a winter wedding, they aren't for everyone but that's a win for you! Being off peak wedding season means vendors are more inclined to give you a better price or deal in order to gain your business and who doesn't love a saving? Also, that venue, photographer or florist you've had your eye on for years who is usually booked out months in advance may be available for your winter wedding wonderland.

5. Overseas Honeymoons

Europe and America are amongst the most popular honeymoon destinations and so often when couples get married during summer here in Australia they need to wait patiently before they can enjoy an overseas summer honeymoon. They may go on a "mini-moon" interstate while they wait until July/July to jet off on their well deserved honeymoon. But not when you get married during winter! A winter wedding means you can enjoy your summer holiday straight away. Before you know it you'll be making all your insta-friends jealous with your sunny honeymoon snaps! Hello European tan!


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